How to do SEO keyword research


One of the most important steps in SEO is keyword research. It helps you identify what people are searching for on search engines and find out what keywords you should be targeting.

Keyword research can be done by using tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool and Ubersuggest, which provide a list of related keywords that you can use to improve your content.

Google’s Keyword Tool is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to see how many times a keyword has been searched for over the past 12 months, and how competitive it is in terms of search volume.

8 Tips and Tactics to Get the Most Out of SEO Keyword Research

1. Identify your primary buyer personas

2. Know the market you’re entering

3. Understand the competition

4. Find out what people are searching for

5. Conduct keyword research that’s more granular than broad phrases

6. Do competitive research to find out who your biggest competitors are and what keywords they’re targeting, but also do competitor analysis to find out where they’re weak and where you can get a leg up on them

7. Conduct a social media analysis – see which topics keep coming up, who’s talking about them, how frequently people mention them in their posts, etc., then take note of the words or phrases that pop up the most in these conversations – those are likely to be popular keywords and should be a focus for your research

8. Google search for different queries – enter words or phrases

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