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Details about the job

Hiring Organization:Indeed
Post Title:Indeed Jobs Abu Dhabi
Name of Post:Administrative Assistant – Management Office
EducationMinimum of a high school diploma
Industry:Private Jobs
Employment Type:Full Time 
Work Hours:8 Hours
Salary:AED 4000-6000 Per Month
Location:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Description of the job

Communicate effectively with the Managing Director, hotel staff, guests, vendors, and the Executive office, as well as assist with the operation of the Managing Director’s office in accordance with hotel policies. Additionally, the Administrative Assistant will serve as Guest Historian.


  • Maintain complete knowledge of all departmental policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Ensure that standards are maintained at a high level on a daily basis.
  • Write, edit, and type correspondence for the Managing Director.
  • Transcribe dictation and drafts of correspondence and other documents from the Managing Director accurately and confidentially.
  • Reproduce documents using a photocopier.
  • Coordinate VIP reservations and re-invited guests.
  • Interact with people beyond giving and receiving instructions, such as the Managing Director, other hotel personnel, and guests in completing assignments and resolving complaints.
  • Make appointments for the Managing Director.
  • Maintain the daily appointment calendar for the Managing Director.
  • Meeting minutes should be taken and transcribed.
  • Files related to the department should be maintained accurately and confidentially.
  • Interact politely and professionally with guests, customers, vendors, and staff who come into contact with the Managing Director’s office.
  • Apply rational thinking principles to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables where standardization is limited.
  • Comply with written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule instructions.
  • Manages guest history information, including merging/purging guest profiles and handling glitches and preferences.
  • Maintaining the guest history and profile database on a regular basis.
  • To serve as the link between guests and all hotel departments before, during, and after their stay, creating relationships of hospitality at all times.
  • The hotel will provide guests with the highest level of service during their stay, anticipating their needs and looking for every opportunity to “Wow” their stay with an uncompromised level of attention.
  • As needed, perform all other duties.

The following are OSHA’s responsibilities:

An associate must comply with the following duties when at work (and when on the work premises):

  • Maintain their own health and safety in a reasonable manner.
  • Provide reasonable care for the health and safety of individuals and the workplace, which may be affected by their acts or omissions;
  • Maintain full compliance with the Hotel’s OSHMS policies, OSHMS procedures, and operational work instructions to maintain people’s health and safety.
  • Any situation that they believe may present hazards and which they cannot correct themselves, report to their immediate supervisor;
  • All OSH incidents and work-related injuries should be reported;
  • Use or misuse any equipment, machinery, personal protective equipment, etc., provided at the Hotel’s workplace in the interest of health, safety, welfare, or protection or management.
  • Plan and implement OSH-related activities in order to achieve the Hotel’s OSH objectives, targets, and programs.
  • Attend all training sessions arranged by the Hygiene, Health & Safety Manager, such as OSH training, safety inductions, on-the-job training, toolbox talks, etc.

Taking responsibility:

  • Committed to complying with all OSHMS Policies, OSHMS Procedures, Operational Works Instructions, and any other relevant legislation within the organization.
  • Taking care of his own health and safety, as well as other people at work who may be affected by his actions or omissions.
  • Reporting to his supervisor or manager.

Requirements for the job:

  • It is required that you have at least four years of administrative experience
  • It is recommended that you have a high school diploma as a minimum educational requirement.
  • Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed, and accuracy; prioritize, organize, and follow up; maintain calm and resolve problems using good judgment; follow directions carefully; understand a guest’s service needs; work cooperatively with co-workers as part of a team; work with minimal supervision; maintain confidentiality of all guest information and pertinent hotel data.
  • Ability to type at least 60 words per minute; proficiency with Microsoft Office products; proficiency in using standard office equipment.
  • The ability to speak, read, and write English is required, with fluency in other languages preferred.
  • Physical Requirements: Able to exert physical effort, endure various physical movements throughout the work areas, reach up and down, remain stationary at times, and communicate satisfactorily with guests and co-workers.

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